Special Needs

Physically Challenged & Special Needs Instruction

We offer specialized instruction for those students with special needs. We have cars that are equipped with hand controls, left foot accelerators, leg extensions, and steering knobs. We work with each student to help them acclimatize to our vehicle.

Services include Driver Education, One-on-One individualized instruction and Drive Evaluations.

$470.00 - Driver education with adapted vehicle.

$75.00 / 1 hour, $112.50 / 1.5 hour - Hourly training with adapted vehicle.

Because each situation is different, please call our office at 918-622-6500 for a confidential interview today.

I felt welcomed in class."

Richland High Student

The instructor helped us by telling stories and making it fun

Eisenhower High Student

I think I am a better driver now that I have gone through Parkside.

Selah High Student