Drive Test

Prep Drive with Car Rental at Oklahoma Driving School

Meet at the Oklahoma Driving School and prepare for the driving test for 60 minutes, then test at our facility on the same or another day.

Call our office and make an appointment!

Requirements: Applicant shall have passed the vision test and been issued an Oklahoma learner permit and held the permit for the required length of time.



Only for students who have completed a certified Oklahoma Driver Education* course. Call our office and make an appointment! $25.00 for the Drive Test and $15.00 for the use of an Oklahoma Driving School car(Test performed ONLY in Oklahoma Driving School car)(Cash, Credit Card or Money Order only). Re-test is charged at the same rate. (Requirements are explained above.)

$40.00 BOOK DRIVE TEST/CAR RENTAL ONLY Call our office at 918-622-6500 to schedule your evaluation date.

Allow approximately two hours for the Road test and feel assured that our car will pass the examiner's inspection. In advance, call our office to schedule your Road test.

On the day of the Road Test, our instructor will pick up the student and allow the student to drive to the Dept. of Public safety, giving him or her instruction along the way.

We will wait for the student to complete the road test and then we will return them to their pickup location.

$165.00 - Call our office at 918-622-6500 to schedule a road test.

"Professional instructors, great curriculum, at home pick up for driving lessons. Well worth the time and money spent. Great value!"

Hannah P.

"All four of my children went through Oklahoma Driving Academy and I would recommend it to anyone. My youngest daughter has Aspergers and the staff and driving instructor took the time to make sure that she understood and was ready for her test."

"Friendly and professional and they make the process of teaching your young driver and getting them their license almost painless. Worth the cost."

"U guys really helped me! If it wasn't for Bill, I would have NEVER passed the driving test! He taught me DRG & UCLA! THX BILL & ur staff! I'm n Cali now & I even passed THEIR test! U guys ROCK!"

"Prepared my daughter well to pass the test and be a good driver."